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Bentley School of Motoring have been offering driving lessons in Idle for many years and have built a solid reputation for customer success.

Driving Lessons in Idle

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Learning To Drive In Idle

Bentley School of Motoring is based very near to Idle village and has been giving driving lessons for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on being professional and punctual and helping you to pass your driving test.

Our driving instructors are all locally based so they know the areas around where you live. This means they can pick the most suitable areas to teach you the various subjects and manoeuvres in order to pass your driving test. There are various nursery areas for driving lessons in Idle to start your driving lessons if you are a beginner. For example we might start your first lesson in a quieter location such as the Thorpe Edge estate. We wouldn’t start with trying to tackle the hill on the high street! We would then progress to busier junctions as your skills and confidence grows such as the Five Lane Ends or Greengates Junction.

If you already have some driving experience we would carry out a driving assessment to see what level you are at and then work out a plan of action to get you up to driving test standard.

The nearest driving test centre to Idle is Thornbury located near to the border of Bradford and Leeds. Test routes can go either way and usually include some lane changing possibly near to the stanningley by-pass area or wakefield road area.

Bentley School of Motoring offer driving lessons in Idle, Eccleshill, Clayton, Bradford and Shipley.

Driving Lessons In Idle

Special Offer For New Drivers

1st 10 hours for £230*
Saving You £60

1st 10 hours for £260*
Saving You £50

*Driving lessons in Idle new driver offer open to customers who have never driven before or who have little driving experience.

Idle Driving Lesson Reviews

Oliver Balding
Oliver Balding

I needed my driving license to make it easier to join the army. I found the driving school to be very reliable and they were based locally. Because my driving instructor’s teaching methods were very good I found learning to drive simple and easy. Added to that I passed my driving test 1st time.

Jody Norton
Jody Norton

Learning to drive was challenging but fun. My driving instructor Phil was patient and very friendly. The way he taught me to drive was the best ever and he really helped me to pass my driving test.

Now I have my driving license I will have much more freedom and independence.


I've been doing my lessons since I was 18 and had various driving instructors. When I started with Gultaz my self confidence was very low and had little belief in myself, compared to now I am 100x more confident in driving. Gultaz is an exceptionally professional and fabulous driving instructor and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't of been where I am now. Making sure I was doing everything correct, even the little niggly bits has helped me pass today. I wouldn't think twice about recommending her to friends and family. X

Connor Cowan

I looked for a driving school that wasn’t too expensive and had special offers for new drivers. I also wanted a driving instructor who would be very patient and supportive. Bentley School of Motoring gave me both of these. Learning to drive was very different from what I expected but my driving instructors teaching methods were good and effective. This helped me to pass my driving test and now I can get to and from work much more easily.

Andrew Hodgkin

I had been with a previous driving instructor but I found Bentley School of Motoring had good reviews and a good pass rate. Even so I found learning to drive a bit harder than I thought but my driving instructor was very good and 100%. I have a car so it will help me with work now that I have a driving license. Thanks.

Hannah Mawson

I wanted my driving license so that I could help with getting family members to school or work.By choosing Bentley School of Motoring I thought i had the best chance of passing my driving test. I did find learning to drive more difficult than expected but Paul's teaching methods were very helpful and effective. Thanks.

Chloe Firth

Paul Bentley was a very patient driving instructor who made learning to drive very simple. He stayed very calm and helped me to improve in the areas that I needed to get better at. With my driving license I will now be able to drive to work instead of catching the bus. Thanks.

Ben Cahill
Ben Cahill

When I was looking for a driving instructor I wanted a friendly and local school.At first I thought I would never be able to drive but after a few driving lessons it got easier especially with the way Paul taught me. Thansk for helping me pass my driving test first time.

Josh Herdsman
Josh Herdsman

Passing my driving test opens up options for my future career and I will be able to get out to places in my car. I knew it was going to be difficult to learn to drive but i got better over time with the help of my driving instructor Paul.He was very informative and when I made errors he helped me to not make the same error again.

Ben Sheridan
Ben Sheridan

I thought learning to drive would be a lot harder than it actually was.Because of my driving instructors very simple and easy to use teaching methods I passed my driving test and can now drive out and about everywhere in my car.

Laura Pratt
Laura Pratt

The most important consideration for me when choosing Bentley School of Motoring was their good reputation.My driving instructors teaching methods were great as everything was explained really well. Thats why I passed my driving test 1st time!

Rosie McDonnell
Rosie McDonnell

I wanted to become more independent for university so learning to drive was a must for me.Bentley School of Motoring was local and had many good reviews on their website.my driving instructor Paul’s teaching methods were precise and excellent and helped me to achieve my goal of getting my driving license. Thanks.

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