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Bentley School of Motoring have been offering driving lessons in Shipley for many years and have built a solid reputation for customer success.

Driving Lessons in Shipley

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Learning To Drive In Shipley

Bentley School of Motoring has been operating in the Shipley area for over a decade now. Our highly trained driving instructors give driving lessons in your area with a high pass rate and with lots of positive feedback from pupils who have passed their driving test.

Our driving instructors are all locally based so they know the areas around where you live. This means they can pick the most suitable areas to teach you the various subjects and manoeuvres in order to pass your driving test. There are various nursery areas in Shipley to start your driving lessons if you are a beginner. For example we might start your first lesson in a quieter location such as the Nab Wood area.We would then progress to busier junctions as your skills and confidence grows such as the Saltaire junction or Foxes corner.

If you already have some driving experience we would carry out a driving assessment to see what level you are at and then work out a plan of action to get you up to driving test standard.

There are two driving test centres near to Shipley. One is in Thornbury located near to the border of Bradford and Leeds. Test routes can go either way and usually include some lane changing possibly near to the stanningley by-pass area or wakefield road area. The other test centre is situated in Heaton and can include going into Bradford city centre or out to places such as Bingley.

Bentley School of Motoring offer driving lessons in Shipley, Idle, Eccleshill, Clayton and Bradford.

Driving Lessons In Shipley

Special Offer For New Drivers

1st 10 hours for £270*
Saving You £50

1st 10 hours for £300*
Saving You £40

*Driving lessons in Shipley new driver offer open to customers who have never driven before or who have little driving experience.

Shipley Driving Lesson Reviews

Hannah Harvey
Hannah Harvey

Learning to drive got easier and more comfortable the more lessons I did. My instructor gave helpful advise to help me to pass my driving test.

Jordan Fielding
Jordan Fielding

When I searched for a driving school I was looking for an instructor who could do quite a few hours per week. My driving instructor created a calm and relaxing environment which helped me to learn to drive. I travel a lot on trains so having my driving license will make things more flexible.

Samantha Tullie
Samantha Tullie

I thought learning to drive would be a bit more scary and it would take me more lessons to pass than it did. My driving instructor was very friendly and his teaching methods were very good. With my driving license I will have more independence.

Luke Gudgeon
Luke Gudgeon

“My driving instructor Phil was very helpful, friendly and supportive. He made my driving lessons fun and enjoyable. He really helped me to understand how the car worked and how to do the manoeuvres. Ive always been interested in cars and driving and wanted to learn to drive. I passed my driving test 1st time. Thanks Phil.”

Adam Butterfield

“I chose Bentley School of Motoring because they had good reviews and good recommendations. Learning to drive was easier than I thought because my instructors teaching methods were clear , understandable and well reasoned. Having my driving license means that I can commute to work easier and make life easier in the future.”


Gultaz is a great instructor and lovely person who is always patient and tailors the lessons to the student. She knows where improvements need to be made and how best to fix any issues all while being relaxed and approachable. I even overpaid once without knowing and she gave me it back the next lesson! All this helped me pass first time with only 1 minor so I can definately recommend her!

Olivia Merifield
Olivia Merifield

I wanted a driving instructor who would build up my confidence and focus on my weaknesses. Bentley School of Motoring had a good pass rate and that is why i chose them. With my new driving license it will help me with getting to work.

Alex Dobson
Alex Dobson

I wanted a driving school who were local to my area and who had good driving test pass rates. My instructor made learning to drive easier than I thought and he was always helpful. With my driving license I will be able to take my family to better and nicer places.

Kieran Lester

When I was looking for a driving school I found that Bentley School of Motoring were competitive on price and availability. My driving instructor was also very friendly. His teaching methods were very good and I felt that we made good progress on the driving lessons towards me passing my driving test. I wanted to be more independent and to be able to drive myself places and now I can do that

Rebecca Sheridan

I wanted a driving instructor who was local to where I live and someone who had a good reputation to help me pass my driving test. Although learning to drive was harder than I imagined with Paul’s help he gave me realistic and useful methods to deal with different scenarios .I would recommend Bentley School of Motoring as the learning style is easy for all to understand and use.

alex preston
Alex Preston

I wanted a reliable calm and reassuring driving instructor and when I looked Paul from Bentley School of Motoring was my best option. Paul’s teaching methods were quick and easy and he never hesitated to help me. I have already recommended as he was efficient and reliable. I have a car now so having my driving license means i can be much more mobile.

Dominic Herdsman

I was looking for a driving school who would put all their efforts into helping me pass my driving test and an instructor who takes pride in teaching learners. My driving instructor explained things really well and if I didn’t understand anything he would go through it again until I understood . Recently having a child meant that being able to drive was a necessity and also helpful for work.

Samantha Simpkins

I wanted a driving instructor who would make me feel at ease and who would do the driving lessons at my pace and not rush me. Paul's teaching methods were very good and I am sure that is what helped me to pass my driving test 1st time.Since passing my driving test I have bought myself a car and have much more independence than before. My children couldn't wait for me to be able to drive and not to have to use the bus anymore.Thanks Paul.

Devante Delaney

When I was looking for a driving instructor I wanted someone who was highly rated and came well recommended.Bentley School of Motoring had many first time passes and that's why I chose them.My driving instructor Paul taught me really well and helped me with my faults to become a good driver.Being mobile will help me to move up in my job.

Danielle Caton
Danielle Caton

I was dreading learning to drive but actually I found it very enjoyable.When I struggled with something there was always an alternative method to help me to understand the subject being learnt. This was due to Paul’s calm and thorough teaching methods.

Faye Henderson
Faye Henderson

I’ve had other driving instructors before Paul but he helped me more to analyse and correct my mistakes. Learning to drive was harder than I thought but my driving lessons were very thought out and structured. Thanks for your help in getting me my driving license.

Sonny Farrell
Sonny Farrell

I wanted a reliable driving instructor who knew what he was doing and Paul was that man. His teaching methods were brilliant and I found learning to drive quite easy as a result. I was approaching 30 years old and needed my driving license for work reasons so thanks for helping me pass quickly!

Hannah Craven
Hannah Craven

Cost was a major factor in choosing my driving school. The 1st 10 hour offerhelped me to choose Bentley School of Motoring. My driving instructor Paul was very friendly and helpful and always answered any questions I had.

Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown

Bentley School of Motoring came highly recommended and with a good pass rate. The lesson times were convenient and my driving instructor Paul was very helpful.This all helped me to pass my driving test first time.

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