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Driving Instructor Training

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Driving Instructor Training Course

All your training will be carried out on a 1 to 1 basis and all done in our own training vehicle. The whole course covers a total of 65 hours of training across the 3 qualifying exams.

Our course consists of the following:

Part 1 Training

This is the theory test and comprises of two part. One is the multiple choice theory test and the other is the hazard perception test.

You will be provided with all the training materials needed to pass the part 1 test. Included in the cost is the 6 recommended DVSA study books and a hazard perception DVD to help you pass your theory test.

You will also receive a Part 1 study guide which is a systematic and structured home study programme. Each subject is studied individually and you are guided as to which pages to read in each study book. There are 30 assessment tests to complete.

Alongside this you will have 4 hours of in car training to review your home study. More importantly we will bring the theory training to life and start to develop your driving skills and how to instruct skills. The earlier we start with the practical in car training the easier you will find the parts 2 and 3 training.

Part 2 Training

This is the test of your own driving ability. You must be able to drive to a high standard and show competence and confidence whilst still being safe. The standard required is far higher than a normal learner driver test. After all when you are teaching others to drive you need to set a good example and drive the way you would expect you pupils to drive.

You will receive a Part 2 Driving Workbook to give you a step by step guide to get to the standards required to pass the part 2 test. The workbook gives you advice on all aspects of your driving and follows the DVSA ‘s DL 25 marking sheet. There are record forms to track your progress as you practise and improve your driving in a systematic way.

Alongside the driving workbook you will get 10 hours of driving instruction on a 1 to 1 basis in our driving school car to improve your on the road skills. You may have the odd bad habit or two but don’t worry we will work to eliminate those and get you to the standard required to pass the part two driving test.

Part 3 Training

This is the test of your ability to instruct. You will be tested on how you cope with teaching a real driving lesson. A DVSA examiner will observe you giving a client centred driving lesson lasting about an hour to one of your pupils. They will mark you on the ADI test reporting sheet and grade you on your performance. It is basically the same test that all ADI’s have to do on a periodic basis to check they are still at the required standard. It is commonly known as the Standard Check.

You will receive a part 3 instructing workbook which will explain what is required to pass the test. There are written exercises to complete alongside the part 3 training sessions. You will also get the complete ADI teaching system for the part 3 test which contains lesson plans and visual aids which you can use both during your training and after when you become an ADI.

You will get 40 hours of in car 1 to 1 training to prepare you for the test. On completion of the training you would need to go on a trainee license to practise with real pupils and then do a further 20 hours of training to get you fully ready for your test. You can charge money for these lessons and so gain back some of the costs of the training. Some will choose to go full time at this point and some to do part time alongside other commitments.

*The number of hours training can vary from person to person and this is an average amount of training needed. Extra training may need to be purchased or it could be that you need a few hours less*

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