Navigation device in the car

Changes to the driving test from 4th December 2017

Late last year the driving test had a number of changes to it to try make the driving test more real life and relevant to today’s driving conditions.

  1. The driving test will now involve up to 20 minutes of independent driving using a sat nav . The candidate will need to follow instructions given by the sat nav whilst still keeping safe and under control. You will not be asked to programme the sat nav and its ok if you go in the wrong direction unless you make any faults. 1 in 5 driving tests will be following direction signs instead of the sat nav.
  2. Changing the reversing element of the driving test. The turn in the road and reverse around the corner are no longer in the driving test. They have been replaced with the Pull Up on the Right and reverse back a couple of car lengths and Driving Forward into a parking space and reversing out again (this is to be done in a public car park). The Reverse Park and Reverse into a Parking Bay are still in the test. As before you will be asked to do only 1 manoeuvre on your driving test.
  3. One of the two Vehicle Safety Questions will now be asked on the move with the other still asked in the test centre car park. A typical question would be to be asked to clean your front windscreen whilst on the move.

The length of the driving test will remain the same and the pass mark is unchanged. Also the cost of the test will remain the same.

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