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Bentley School of Motoring have been offering driving lessons in most Bradford postcodes for over 18 years and have built a solid reputation for customer success.

At Bentley School of Motoring we cover most areas of Bradford for manual and automatic lessons. From the inner city to the outskirts and surrounding areas you can be sure to get the best quality lessons suited to your individual requirements. We can arrange to either pick you up from either home or from school/college or even from your workplace (subject to agreement from your instructor).

If you are a new driver then we would start in a nursery area near to where you live. These would be quiet areas to give you the best possible start to your driving lessons. We would then progress to more busy locations as we build up your driving skills.

If you have some driving experience then we would carry out a driving assessment of your current skills to work out a suitable plan to help you to get your driving license.

Whatever your level we would always aim to start your driving lesson in your local area and then progress to other areas. Nearer to your driving test we would start going in the areas near to the driving test centres to give you a chance to get used to those junctions and situations that you may encounter on your driving test.

If you live in Bradford there are two driving test centres. One is located in Thornbury at The Courtyard, Midpoint, BD3 7AY and the other one is located in Heaton at 15 Farfield Street BD9 5AS. Both test centres have their own car parks and you should use them to park up at the start of your driving test.

If you live in the Keighley or Skipton area there are two driving test centres. One is located in Steeton at  Steeton Grove, Steeton, Keighley BD20 6RW and one in Skipton at Foundry House, Carleton Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 2BE.

If you live in or near Halifax the driving test centre is located at 11 Cross Street West, Pellon, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX2 0HA.

If you live outside our normal areas then we may still be able to help although it may mean you need to book longer driving lessons to accommodate this.

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Areas We Cover

Bradford Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Bradford

Learning to drive in Bradford can be tricky with all those hills and steep gradients. Bentley School of Motoring will help to make you a confident driver.

Clayton Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Clayton

With Bentley School of Motoring learning to drive in Clayton will be a great experience. We have high pass rates in your area and many satisfied customers.

Eccleshill Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Eccleshill

Eccleshill is a great place to learn to drive. It has areas perfect for beginners such as Thorpe edge to start your journey to getting your driving license.

Idle Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Idle

Despite its name, Idle is a busy village with a variety of different road situations to help you practise. We will guide you through these to a standard where you will be able to pass your driving test.

Queensbury Driving Lessons

Queensbury Driving Lessons

We have been in business for many years in the Queensbury area. There are various nursery areas for driving lessons in and around Queensbury to start your driving lessons if you are a beginner.

Shipley Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Shipley

The Shipley area has both rural and urban driving situations which is great for learning to drive. New drivers would start their driving lessons in areas such as the Nab Wood Area.

Skipton Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Skipton

We are now offering driving lessons in Skipton and surrounding areas such as Silsden, Steeton, Eastburn and Sutton in Craven ith a local driving instructor who knows the area very well.

Latest Customer Reviews

Jacob Best
Jacob Best

“ My driving instructor helped me to pass 1st time and was respectful and helpful. It should make getting to work and back easier now.”

Tania Herdsman
Tania Herdsman

“Learning to drive was a bit harder than I thought but my driving instructor was friendly and helpful. The driving school was based locally which made things easier.”

Keiran Walsh
Keiran Walsh

“Whilst learning to drive took longer than I expected my driving instructors teaching methods were very good. Alongside being a local driving school the experience has worked well for me.“