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Meet The Team

Welcome to our our team of fully qualified and hardworking driving Instructors who are waiting to deliver your driving licence. We are a local and family run Driving School business operating on your doorstep.

Our Driving Instuctors

All of our local Driving Instructors are fully qualified and CRB checked for your safety. They will all deliver client centred Driving lessons to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from each lesson and a full report will be available with details of what topics were covered, what progress was made and any areas of weakness to be addressed. You will sign each lesson sheet to confirm start and finish times along with next lesson confirmation to eliminate any uncertainty.

All of our driving Instructors work to a strict code of conduct and adhere to our Driving School mission statement to maintain standards.

Paul Bentley

Paul Bentley

Driving School Owner

Paul Bentley is the owner and main driving instructor at Bentley School of Motoring. He has over 10 years experience of teaching people how to drive and has an excellent pass rate. He covers most areas of Bradford and some Areas of Leeds as well. He is well known for his calm and methodical attitude and will help you to pass your driving test . He is an A grade instructor and regularly updates his skills doing CPD every year. The customer reviews that he gets from pupils who have passed their driving test are an honest and independent view of his skills to get you through your driving test.

If you are a new driver then he will start with the basics in a quiet nursery area close to where you live and gradually build your skills from full talk through to prompted to being independent at all the skills needed to pass your driving test.

If you have some driving experience he will give you a driving assessment to see what level your driving skills are at so a plan can be made to get you to your driving test.

Paul follows the DVSA syllabus and all lessons are carried out with a client centred learning process in mind. Learning to drive is a two way process and he will listen to what you would like to learn as well as offer his advice on what needs to be learnt.

Gultaz Begum

Gultaz Begum

Driving Instructor

Gultaz Begum is the newest member of our team and comes with 10 years experience in teaching people to drive. She is a specialist in giving driving lessons to those that may not have English as their first language. Gultaz is available for driving lessons in the Bradford Area.

Gultaz will teach you to be a safe driver and enjoys building up a friendly relationship with her pupils as she gives them the skills to be a safe and confident driver and to pass their driving test. The test centre in Heaton is the main one that she uses and she is very familiar with the local area. On your driving lessons she will match your driving skills and the subject being taught to a suitable location in the area.