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Driving Instructor Training Course

All your training will be carried out on a 1 to 1 basis and is usually done in our own training vehicle but you can choose to do some in your own vehicle. You can choose the whole course with us or just the part 2 and/or part 3 training.

Before you start your training you need to be accepted by the DVSA and complete your Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. Follow this link https://www.gov.uk/apply-to-become-a-driving-instructor

Once approved you can then start your training. The three parts are detailed below along with how we carry out the training.

Our course consists of the following:

This is the theory test and comprises of two part. One is the multiple choice theory test and the other is the hazard perception test. You can take this test as many times as it takes.

Some people may decide to do this part of the qualifying process by themselves. We would recommend you speak to us about this as we can help you get the relevant training materials to help you pass first time.

You will be asked 100 multiple choice questions which can be on a wide variety of driving subjects. You must score at least 85 out of 100 to pass.

Fourteen Hazard Perception Clips showing different driving situations where you need to spot the hazards. You must score at least 57 out of 75 to pass.

The cost of this test is £81 and you must pass both parts at the same time.

Click here for more details: https://www.gov.uk/adi-part-1-test

It would be recommended to have some in car training to complement your theory training at this stage. Advise and training can be given on your own driving standard and the basics of being a driving instructor.


This is the test of your own driving ability. You must be able to drive to a high standard and show competence and confidence whilst still being safe. The standard required is far higher than a normal learner driver test. After all when you are teaching others to drive you need to set a good example and drive the way you would expect you pupils to drive.

You may be wondering how much training will be needed to get up to standard. Everyone is different but an average is about 10 to 12 hours. Practising what you learn in car in between training sessions will usually reduce the training needed.

To pass the test you must be able to:

  1. drive safely in different road and traffic conditions
  2. show that you know The Highway Code by the way you drive

This is split down into 5 sections:

  1. an eyesight check
  2. ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions
  3. general driving ability
  4. manoeuvres
  5. independent driving

The test is marked on the same lines as a learner driving test but you are only allowed a maximum of 6 driving faults and no serious faults.

The cost of this test is £111 but you can’t take this test until you have passed part 1. You are only allowed to take this test a maximum of 3 times.

You can take this test in our vehicle or your own as long as it meets the requirements.

Click here for more details: https://www.gov.uk/adi-part-2-test

On each training session we will set out some goals and you will get a report on progress made and areas to work on in your own time.

This is the test of your ability to instruct. You will be tested on how you cope with teaching a real driving lesson. A DVSA examiner will observe you giving a client centred driving lesson lasting about 40 minutes to one of your pupils. They will mark you on the ADI test reporting sheet and grade you on your performance. It is basically the same test that all ADI’s have to do on a periodic basis to check they are still at the required standard. It is commonly known as the Standard Check.

You will be marked on 17 areas of competence that are grouped into 3 categories.

  1. Lesson Planning
  2. Risk Management
  3. Teaching and Learning Strategies

To pass the test you must score highly in all these areas to show you are then competent to instruct people how to drive. This test costs £111 but you cant take this test until you have passed part 2. You can only take this test 3 times.

Click here for more details: https://www.gov.uk/adi-part-3-test

On passing your part 3 you can then apply for first ADI license and join the register of approved driving instructors.

We use a part 3 training book and lesson planner to complement our in car training. There are written exercises to complete alongside the part 3 training sessions.

You will get 40 hours of in car 1 to 1 training to prepare you for the test. On completion of the training you would need to go on a trainee license to practise with real pupils and then do a further 20 hours of training to get you fully ready for your test. You can charge money for these lessons and so gain back some of the costs of the training. Some will choose to go full time at this point and some to do part time alongside other commitments.

*The number of hours training can vary from person to person and this is an average amount of training needed. Extra training may need to be purchased or it could be that you need a few hours less*

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