Changes to the Driving Test due to Coronavirus

Changes to the Driving Test due to Coronavirus

At the moment driving lessons and driving tests are all stopped due to the lockdown. At some time in the future, we will be able to restart lessons and tests so listed below are the current rules regarding changes to driving tests. These will be updated if anything changes.

Firstly, when you do go for your driving test you must be wearing a face covering. If you have a reason why you cannot wear one you must declare this when booking your driving test. If you have a problem with your face covering during the test then the examiner will ask you to pull over to adjust it. If it becomes a safety risk the examiner may end the test early.

Examiners will all be wearing face coverings on test. They may also wear gloves and use disposable seat covers.

You should arrive for your driving test no more than 5 minutes before the stated time. The DVSA are trying to avoid having too many candidates and instructors being there at the same time so test times may be staggered. Some test centres remain closed which means you cannot use the waiting area and if you need the toilet you would need to ask. The examiners will come outside into the car park at the time of your test.

Your driving instructor is not allowed to sit in the back and accompany you on your driving test but may be able to listen in at the end of the test whilst keeping socially distant.

During the test your vehicle must have adequate ventilation. This means that there must be at least one window open on each side of the car. So, it is advisable to wear suitable clothing especially in cooler weather conditions. You must wipe down the dashboard and any controls used before your test and the examiner will also do some cleaning of surfaces on their side of the car.

If you make a serious fault whilst on your driving test (which means you will have failed the test) the examiner will direct you back to the test centre and the test will end. This is to minimise the unnecessary time spent in the vehicle.

Under the normal rules you had to give 3 clear working days to change or cancel your driving test or you would lose your test fee. Currently tests can be changed at short notice if you are ill with coronavirus or are needing to self-isolate.

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