How to tell if your driving instructor is qualified to teach you to drive

The easiest way to check if your driving instructor is qualified is to ask to see their ADI badge.

A fully qualified driving instructor should display in the front window of their tuition vehicle their ADI green badge. This will give the details of their name and photo and their ADI number. It will also give the date of expiry of their registration. It is illegal to charge money for driving lessons if you are not a qualified instructor.

Some driving instructors may display a pink badge in their vehicle. This also means they are allowed to give paid tuition but they are not fully qualified and are in the process of passing part 3 of the qualifying process. This is commonly known as a trainee license. It is a good way to gain real life experience teaching learners how to drive but should be closely monitored by the training provider to ensure quality tuition is given.

Alternatively you can go to the gov.uk website and look on the DVSA find your nearest driving instructor section at https://finddrivinginstructor.dvsa.gov.uk/DSAFindNearestWebApp/findNearest.form

If you suspect that your driving instructor is operating illegally then asks to see their badge or alternatively you can go to https://www.gov.uk/report-an-illegal-driving-instructor.

What does someone need to do to become a driving instructor?

It’s not an easy process to become an approved driving instructor. You need to pass 3 qualifying exams.

Briefly part 1 is a test of your knowledge with a theory and hazard perception test. It is to a higher standard than a learner theory test. After all you should have a very high standard of knowledge to be able to teach learners how to drive.

The part 2 test is the test of your driving ability. Again the standard required is much higher than the standard learner test and you need to show a high level of driving ability.

The part 3 test is the test of your ability to instruct. You must carry out a driving lesson with a real pupil and be assessed by an examiner.  You will be marked on 17 areas of competence and must score above a minimum level.

For more information about this then please go to https://www.gov.uk/become-car-driving-instructor

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  1. PHILL on 01/10/2021 at 19:58

    I don’t agree, ask to see the badge green or not a safe measure to deal with scams…it’s pathetic in the minimum, that will not make me feel more safe, if I deal with a legal driver instructor, or not…can easily copy, paste…etç, and look authentic.
    Need a way where is official and public consultation…not near or in the car asking for a paper with some kind of logo..or whatever…
    Where is the the head office? Don’t you know is time to do better against scams…wake-up is your responsibility to think and have idèias already give you one suggestion..to fight against that…or someone needs to be replaced..and do something about it !!

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