Learner Drivers to be allowed on motorways from June 4th 2018

At the moment learner drivers are not permitted to drive on the motorways and must wait until they have passed their driving test to go on them. This can lead to many newly qualified drivers either avoiding using the motorway network or going onto them with a lack of experience and knowledge.

From Monday June 4th learners will be able to drive on the motorways but there are some rules that they must follow. They can only go on a motorway with a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and the vehicle used must have dual controls fitted. Motorway lessons are voluntary and are not included in the driving test syllabus. Many areas of the country do not have a motorway within easy reach. Trainee driving instructors are not allowed to take learners on motorways. The vehicle used on motorways must still display L plates but it is the driving instructors decision whether to use a roof box or not.

The hope is that if learners gain some experience of motorway driving with their driving instructor they will become more safe and confident drivers. They will get training on how to join and leave a motorway, overtaking and using lanes correctly. They will also get a greater understanding of motorway signs and road markings. Also they will get more practise driving at higher speeds.

Other motorists should be aware that learner drivers may be on the motorway and should be patient and keep a safe distance from them. They may not be as quick to respond to hazards at high speeds as they are learning new skills.

If you want to do some motorway driving then please ask your driving instructor and if possible this will be incorporated into your driving lessons.

For more information on learner drivers using motorways please see the following https://www.gov.uk/government/news/learner-drivers-will-be-allowed-on-motorways-from-2018