Mohammed Rashid

Mohammed Rashid is an experienced driving instructor who has been with us for 5 years now.  With a background in teaching he has a calm attitude that will help you to pass your driving test. He mainly covers the BD2 BD10 and BD3 areas and works evenings and weekends mainly.

If you are a new driver he will start you with the basics in a quiet nursery area such as Thorpe Edge or the Wapping Road area. You would then progress through the syllabus and eventually get yourself to a test standard. Usually mock tests would be done to simulate the real experience of taking your driving test.

If you have some previous experience an assessment would be carried out to work out your current level of driving. Then a plan would be made to work on any areas of weakness.

All our driving instructors use the mydrivetime diary and student app. This means you will be able to keep track on your progress, plus see when your next lesson is and how you stand with payment and lessons paid in advance. There are also some useful resources to help you on your journey to passing your driving test.

The nearest driving test centre to Mohammed is the Thornbury Bradford one. The address for this is The Courtyard, Midpoint, Bradford BD3 7AY and the phone number is 020 81489671.

To book your theory test then please follow this link . The current cost is £23

To book your practical driving test then please follow this link . The current cost is £62

Before you book either test please consult Mohammed as he will be the best person to give you advice and support.

To book driving lessons with Mohammed then please fill out this form here or call us on 0333 772 2832


Mohammed Rashid

Mohammed Rashid

Driving Instructor

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Customer Reviews


I wanted a local reliable driving instructor and saw that Bentleys had good reviews. They put me through to an instructor, Mohammed was very flexible with lessons that work around you and did not want to just give you the skills to pass a driving test. But to also give you skills for life, to ensure that you are a safe driver, for you and others around you. He challenged me when he thought I was ready for the next step and made sure I was prepared for my tests by doing many practice routes before my tests, and prioritising me by giving me extra lessons leading up to my tests to ensure I was successful. I would highly recommend. As an older driver, I was a bit hesitant and felt more pressure but he ensured to keep me at ease throughout. Thanks again!